5 Amazing Things To Expect On JetBlue’s Narrowbody London Flights

JetBlue’s flights to London are edging ever closer. The airline has recently secured slots at two London airports, albeit not exactly what it wanted. Nevertheless, we can expect to see the airline arriving in Europe from next summer, and there’s a whole lot to love about this transatlantic game changer. Here are five cool things to look forward to with JetBlue’s arrival.

JetBlue has already teased some of the upgrades it’s making to its inimitable Mint product, with an announcement yesterday of soft product changes. New food and beverage offerings combined with upgraded duvets and new wellness products give us a flavor of the high-end service the carrier is pursuing.

But that’s not the best bit. Still to be unveiled is the upgrade to the hardware onboard. With JetBlue’s slot filing in the UK, we learned that the A321LR will be flying in a premium heavy configuration, with just over 130 seats onboard. This gives the airline scope for some pretty innovative (and very comfortable) seat products upfront, which should see it competing on an equal footing with the widebody operators on the route.

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